About the League

The Franklin Township Civic League is one of Indiana's oldest and most effective volunteer-based community organizations. Since our founding in 1971, we have consistently represented the needs and voice of Franklin Township. We have a long and rich history of civic engagement and community activism that has helped make Franklin Township one of the most desirable places to live in Indianapolis.

We aim to serve, educate, and communicate with fellow citizens to uphold and improve the Franklin Township community to ensure that people have a nice place to live in and work.

Regular, active citizens have been making a difference in this community for many years. If you live or work in Franklin Township, we encourage you to support your community by joining the Civic League and being an active member.

Our Mission

The Franklin Township Civic League, Inc. is a group of interested residents working for the common good of all those living and working within the limits of Franklin Township.

It shall interest itself in working with all elected officials of Marion County, the City of Indianapolis and all other levels of government, to bring to the township those improvements which would be expected to exist in an area located within the boundaries of a large metropolitan city (that of Indianapolis).

It shall act as a voice for the people of Franklin Township to express their opinions and desires. It shall communicate to the residents such issues that would act as assets or detriments to their common good, giving a platform for those who wish to debate the issues in a forum of open-mindedness.

The League shall work with those groups already established and with those to be established in the township which have a mutual understanding and like goals of the League membership.

Monthly Meetings

The board meets the second Monday of every month at 7 p.m. in the Franklin Township Civic League Building. These meetings are open to the public - community members are always welcome, regardless of Civic League membership status.

Board of Directors

The Franklin Township Civic League Board of Directors administrates and oversees the business of the Civic League. Directors are elected by league membership. The board consists of five officers that serve one-year terms, and eight quadrant representatives that serve two-year terms.

Board elections are held every May at the league's annual Membership Meeting.

Here are your current Board Members:
President: Cookie Kight, 862-6009, president@ftcivicleague.org
1st Vice President: OPEN, vp1@ftcivicleague.org
2nd Vice President: Kristin Henderson, 258-5747, vp2@ftcivicleague.org
Treasurer: Jason Etter, 460-6152, treasurer@ftcivicleague.org
Secretary: Cathy Burton, 847-9959, secretary@ftcivicleague.org
NE Quadrant Representatives:     
Brenda Toney, 862-1993 and Jennifer Selm, 862-1330
NW Quadrant Representatives:
Lynn Schmoll, 862-1382 and Stephen Kappes, 788-7127
SE Quadrant Representatives:      
SW Quadrant Representatives:     
Eileen Van Kavelaar, 753-8139 and John Sullivan, 786-5588